Flwpx Author Tutorial

1. Word Command: Inserting an image

Shows how to insert an image into your flwpx publication, using the prefix i_

Shows what is required for a publication and the basics on how to publish a document.

2. Word Command: Input Fields

Shows how to add entry fields into your flwpx publication, using the prefixes CI_ and CJ_.

Also shows how to create a droplist in Excel.

3. Word Command: Attachment Fields

Shows how to add attachment fields into your flwpx publication, using the prefixes CF_ and CFN_.

Also shows how to mantain and change cell names in Excel.

4. Word Command: Display Fields

Shows how to insert an Excel region into your publication, using the prefix CD_.

Shows how to create a check box in Excel.

5. Word Command: Conditional Cells

Shows how to insert a conditional Excel region that is based off an option chosen from Video 4’s Excel region using the prefix CCE_.

6. Word Command: Versioning Cell

Shows how to insert a Versioning cell into your flwpx publication. This cell will tracks changes made to it and show these changes in a duplicated cell, using the prefix CV_.

7. Word Command: Output Cells

Shows how to output information that has already been given, this removes the need to fill in the same information multiple times, using the prefix CO_.

8. Word Command: Printing

Shows you how to handle the printing commands in flwpx (prefixes TOC_, SOP_ and EOP_) and how to print your publications from flwpx

9. Excel Command: Input and Attachment

How to provide for attachments inside a publication. Prefixes CI_, CJ_ and CF_

10. Excel Command: Real Time Input

New input field that allows for real time refresh, useful in Workgroup scenarios. Prefix CIR_

11. Excel Command: Conditionally Excluding Columns

Shows how to adjust / exclude columns depending on logic in your spreadsheet. Prefix CVC_

12. Excel Command: Conditionally Excluding Rows

How to construct conditions to exclude rows from your display when needed. Prefix CVR_

13. Excel Command: Conditionally Cell Evaluation

How to construct conditions to include or exclude entire regions from your document when conditions are meet. Prefix CCE_

14. Excel Command: Refresh

How to refresh the display and set values back to a set value. Prefix CR_

15. Excel Command: Publication Hyperlinks

Creating hyperlinks in Excel to force publication to change to the corresponding bookmark in Word. Prefix CH_

16. Excel Command: Form Data

Brief explanation on what form data is and how to use it.

17. Workgroup: Step 1

Setting out the publication for Workgroup scenario.

18. Workgroup: Step 2

Making a cell machine specific. Thus the changes remain linked to that machine. Prefix CK_.

19. Workgroup: Step 3

Assigning rights to specfic cells in Excel. Prefix CLE_.

20. Workgroup: Step 4

Publishing and testing out the Workgroup scenario.

Also shows how to send a publication to someone on your contact list. In general give the user full rights, unless they only need certain rights, like in this example.

21. Visio Command: Creating Publication Maps

How to construct a vector map for a publication.

22. Visio Command: Hyperlinking Maps

Creating bookmarks in the publication and mapping Visio blocks to those bookmarks.

23. Visio Command: Conditional Visio Nodes

Making nodes in a Visio vector chart conditional so they appear and disappear on command. Prefix CLV_ and CLE_

24. Visio Command: Visio Node Title

Making node titles change according to the text in an Excel spreadsheet cell. Prefix CT_

25. Graphs

Shows how to put graphs into a flwpx publication. Static and dynamic.

26. Word Command: Image Attachment

Shows how to have an image attachment. Prefix CG_.